Want to learn more about what's happening? You've come to the right place. 

In July of 2016 a group of people came together to purchase 172 beautiful acres known as Green Valley Farm + Mill, or simply, Green Valley. Since moving here the onsite team has managed to crush our first vineyard crop, re-establish our Jersey cows on the land, get our vegetable farm going and give our infrastructure some much needed TLC. 

Now that we're getting settled, it's time to share our journey with you. We are the new wave of ruralists, people that want pastoral living but that also desire to live in close proximity to other people. For social and functional reasons, land in any sort of large dimension requires people for management and upkeep. From fire reduction strategies, to creek restoration and native plant growth, humans are a central part of the equation for a healthier landscape here. You'll learn more about all this and more here. If you want info sent straight to your inbox, mosey over to the homepage and subscribe at the bottom to get our Farm + Mill News.