Our Work/Joy: Reconnecting people with land.

Green Valley Farm + Mill is an 100 + acre property located 20-minutes from downtown Sebastopol. Its footprint comprises the majority of the headwaters of Green Valley Creek and a large part of what is considered the Green Valley. Our property is surrounded by neighbors that have lived and stewarded this land for numerous generations (since the time of settlement).  All of the people living here are committed to ecological stewardship, community and vibrant, regenerative farm enterprises.



It's all about carbon and diversity. Farmers Scott Kelley and Aubrie Maze use rotational grazing to sink carbon and encourage perennial grasses. Our dry-farmed-never-sprayed nebbiolo and pinot noir grapes will soon have sheep grazing for weed control, and our veggie farmers David Plescia and Kayta Brady are committed to diversity, increasing soil organic matter and organic farming practices.


farm enterprise

Our East Mill Farm Zone is becoming quite the food hub. From local dairy, meat, veggies, pastured raised chickens and eggs, to other locally crafted products such as herbal products, chocolate, fresh-baked bread and more, our food and farm offerings are ever increasing.



With over a dozen people living on the land, we're in the process of creating a unique model of land stewardship and community based on a collective legal structure. Stay tuned for more details!