We are lit up by the intersection of wild lands management and agriculture.  Asking the questions: How can we re-integrate ourselves as part of an ecological food web?  How can we give as much as we take, nurture as well be nurtured by this land?  How can we have an impact that simultaneously regenerates the dynamic nature of a healthy land base AND creates wholesome, nourishing food and medicine for peoples in our extended community?

We believe in integrating ourselves with our ecosystem:  tending land via our relationship with animals, connecting to our place in the food chain with intimacy, and assisting folks in our community to participate in a truly local and connective way of eating.

Bramble Tail Homestead is owned and operated by us – Aubrie Maze and Scott Kelley.  We have been living, working, traveling, raising animals and tending land together since 2010.  With Aubrie’s background in homesteading and herbalism, Scott’s background in mechanics and art, and our shared love of connection to place, we were both thrilled to discover that our skillsets lent themselves perfectly to a running a land-based business together. 

We are thrilled to be nestled into the amazing land project that is Green Valley Farm + Mill.  We have been in love with this land since we both found our separate ways here in 2008 and 2010;  we are thrilled to be part of the new community that co-owns this land; and we are deeply fulfilled to be able to call this place home.

We manage approximately 20 acres of grassland, rotating grazing animals (cows and soon to be goats) to mimic more natural and historic grazing systems – with areas of higher impact for shorter durations of time – this not only increases the health and biodiversity of our grasslands, but extends the life cycle of the grasses, providing more forage to our animals throughout the dry summer months. 

We tend to small scale herbal gardens, propagating stock in preparation for a larger installation of wild lands regeneration.  We are currently working on the removal of invasive and monocultured species along Green Valley Creek, and preparing for the slow inoculation of the landscape with native medicinals such as Elder, Aralia, California Mugwort.  And we look with a distant eye towards the forest…  Our vision is to be able to walk this land, immersed in abundant, vibrant ecological diversity; to create a landscape that is beautifully tended and fully wild craftable.

For more information on how to share in the gifts from the land, please contact Aubrie at


Bramble as in Wild

Tail as in Domesticated

The intersection of wild lands and agriculture